Friday, 13 March 2015

The Paper Cracker - An advertorial for my wife

My wife and her friend have recently started an online blog shop selling high quality paper products and stationery! (I am in the process of convincing them to bring in some fountain pen brands too)

I will therefore dedicate this post, as a summary of sorts, to particularise some of the different kinds of aesthetically pleasing products (which an avid fountain pen enthusiast may be interested in, of course!) that they will be offering for sale. I have also added my thoughts and impressions of the products in blue as well, if that counts for anything. So hope you enjoy the post and find something you might like too.

They currently have a Carousell account which you can check out at:

Or you could also search on the Carousell app itself for user: thepapercracker

If you are interested in any of the products or have any other queries please email them at

ITEM 1: “Hand-Drawn Dreamscape” Printed Notebook 

Description: Hard-Card Sleeve Front Cover, with side-panel name card slot.

Measurements: 200 x 280 mm
No. of Pages: 128 Pages (Blank)

Usage: Perfect for sketching day-dreamers and hardworking note takers alike!

(Blank Pages)

My Comments and Overall Impression: It is a large-sized note book, slightly larger than A4 sized paper. I wouldn't say it is bulky, but it does feel solid in my hand when I hold it and has a bit of heft to it, and most importantly to me it has a good number of high quality pages which I can lose myself in with my sketching/journalling and note taking if need be.

ITEM 2: Vintage Metal-Hardcover Notebooks

(with my TWSBI 580 for scale)

Description: Metal-Hardcover with printed designs.
Measurements: 185 x 125 x 26 mm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Pages: 128 Pages of both High Quality Kraft Paper and Dot Grid Paper
Usage: Durable, sturdy and reliable - making it the must have everyday carry notebook.

(Kraft / Dot Grid Paper)

My Comments and Overall Impression: It is a small-sized note book, and I would say slightly larger than a post-card. It's metal cover and very nice printing (see below for more cover designs offered!) make these notebooks very attractive and unique (Nothing beats metal too in terms of durability!). The dot grid paper is reminiscent of the kind used on Rhodia notepads as well and the Kraft Paper (i.e. brown paper) is a refreshing change from drab blank white paper too! 

ITEM 3: Canvas Roll-Up Pen Wrap Pouch

Size: 190 x 245mm
Exterior: Canvas 
Inner lining: Cotton 
Usage: Great for pencils, (fountain!) pens and even make-up brushes.

 (Close-Up of each Pouch)

My Comments and Overall Impression: Great for storing your fountain pens at home, or even as an aesthetically pleasing every-day-carry ("EDC") pouch/pen case!

ITEM 4: Candy Coloured Notebooks

Description: Candy Coloured Notebooks
Measurements: 255x180mm (B5)
Weight: 160g
Pages: 36 Line Pages

Usage: Perfect for school and note taking in class!

My Comments and Overall Impression: A simple notebook that comes in pleasantly warm colours and designs. For every-day scribbling and school!

ITEM 5: “Kuu Haku” High Quality Handmade Japanese Notebook

Description: Clean-cut and minimalistic. Simplicity at its finest.
Measurements: 175 x 250 x 70 mm (B5)
Pages: 140 Pages (Blank)

My Comments and Overall Impression: Another minimalistic and simple notebook. If you're like me, I'd take this notebook in a heartbeat. I just like the feel of the paper and the cleanness of the design, nothing too complicated in an already hectic life!

That's just a sample of the kind of products that they are offering, there will be lots more to come in the future, and when they do, I will follow up with another post too!

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